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As the pub is on the Willingcott Valley Golf Course we have quite a few golfers pop in from all over the country. Over the years they have bought along their clubs bag tags to add to our ever growing collection. When it was last counted there were over 800! It all started with the pubs previous bar manager who liked the look of a particular golf tag that he pinned it up on the bar and then people just started adding to it. It is a feature of the bar and we promised that we would not take them down but rather add to them. So if you are planning a visit down here, remember to bring a golf tag to add to the collection.

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Here at the Plough we can cater for any type of occasion. whether that is a birthday, wedding reception, anniversary or works Christmas party. Our menu's are tailor made for you, which means you get the best possible produce to suit your needs at the right price, or we offer different buffet options to choose from.